Some current work

In the past year I have ‘re-covered’, in both senses of the word, about 100 reject hardbacks in a combination of reclaimed parchment and rescued old pages with some decorative feature. The parchment is from old deeds, mainly land conveyances, which have no other value. Here are some examples.

They make good display pieces for antique shops or, lying flat, for jewellers.
A couple of shelves make an interesting interior design feature.

3 thoughts on “Some current work

  1. But the secret seems to be though, and this is my problem, how do you paste or glue the Vellum onto the boards. Every time I try the vellum curls up before I have chance to put the paste brush down on the table. Should I paste the board only and then place the vellum onto it or should I “drum it on” i.e. just glue the turn ins? I have plenty of old vellum conveyance documents that I could use I just don’t know the right technique. any tips Chris? Many thanks. paul


    1. Thanks for the question, Paul. The vellum (or parchment) has to be backed with plain white paper cut to the same size. Damp the vellum on both sides, paste the paper only, lay the vellum on top and smooth out any wrinkles, put the book in a lying press, glue the book spine and sides to be covered, lay the vellum down on the book in the press and tie down the bands with string (I have tacks in the sides of the press to wind the string round), leave to dry. Works every time.


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